Who Played Saxophone In Stan Kenton Big Band Orchestra?

Who was Stan Kenton married to?

Stan Kenton had three marriages, including to Ann Richards, who sang with his band. All ended in divorces. He had three children — Leslie, a daughter, from his first marriage; and Dana, a daughter, and Lance from his second — and three grandchildren.

What new instrument did Stan Kenton’s band use Malaguena )?

This set of record dates for the Kenton organization’s Adventures In Jazz is a high point for what was known as the “mellophonium band” (after the new brass instrument prominently featured) or as Kenton himself had coined the phrase “A New Era In Modern American Music.” The group was able to turn a minimal profit and

Who was Stan Kenton’s drummer?

Mel Lewis, one of Mr. Kenton’s drummers, contributed the band that he now leads to conjure up the distinctive sounds of Mr. Kenton’s arrangements – the rich, dark sonorities of the trombones and saxophones and the waves of shrieking brassy brilliance from the trumpets. Mr.

Is Stan Kenton still alive?

Stan Kenton, 67, Bandleader Known for Brassy Jazz, Dies By Allen Scott, Special to The Washington Post. Stan Kenton, 67, the pianist and bandleader whose brassy brand of jazz, often marked by classical overtones, made him a major figure during and after the Big Band era, died Saturday in a Hollywood, Calif., hospital.

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Who arranged for Stan Kenton?

When Lennie arranged for the Stan Kenton Orchestra, he was able to capture the Kenton sound without a lot of high-range problems or difficult concerns for the players. This is one of those superb Holman charts written for Stan Kenton in the early ’50’s that just swings like crazy.

Where is Stan Kenton from?

Singlehandedly, he brought so much recognition to the mellophone as a jazz instrument that he won the miscellaneous-instrument category in the Down Beat magazine jazz poll every year from 1953 to 1960.

Who invented the mellophone?

Heinrich Stölzel invented the first horn with valves in 1814. 3.

Who was in Benny Goodman’s band?

During the late 1960s and 1970s, Benny appeared in reunions with the other members of his quartet: Teddy Wilson, Gene Krupa, and Lionel Hampton. In 1978, the Benny Goodman band also appeared at Carnegie Hall again to mark the 30th Anniversary of when they appeared in the venue’s first jazz concert.

What unusual instruments were included in the Birth of the Cool band?

Evans and Gerry Mulligan worked out instrumentation for what would become the Miles Davis’ Nonet, augmenting the traditional bop quintet of saxophone (in this case, alto saxophone), trumpet, and rhythm section, with the addition of baritone saxophone, trombone, French horn, and tuba.

Who was in part responsible for creating cool jazz free jazz and fusion?

Trumpeter Miles Davis, one of the first bebop players to “cool it,” emerged as the greatest innovator of the genre. His Birth Of The Cool nonet recordings of 1949-’50 are the epitome of Cool Jazz lyricism and understatement.

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When was Stan Kenton born?

Born December 15, 1911, in Wichita, Kansas, Kenton left the state with his family when he was six weeks old. Although he spent little time in Kansas, he still considered it his home state and Wichita his hometown. Many times he returned to Wichita to perform and he always received a hometown reception.

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