What Songs Did Jo Stafford Sing With Tommy Dorsey Orchestra 1940?

What band did Jo Stafford sing with?

In 1940, Dorsey hired singer Frank Sinatra from bandleader Harry James. Sinatra made eighty recordings from 1940 to 1942 with the Dorsey band.

Why did Frank Sinatra leave Tommy Dorsey?

Early in 1942, Sinatra decided to give Dorsey his notice: he was going to try his hand at a solo career. But leaving Dorsey’s band was going to be no easy feat. Sinatra once said that there were two people in this world that he feared: his mother Dolly, and Tommy Dorsey. Contract negotiations were difficult.

Is Jo Stafford alive?

Stafford was credited with perfect pitch. She denied it — said she just had good relative pitch. But when she sings we hear amazingly subtle melodic nuance — never using vibrato to cover an ambiguous pitch. Her diction was extraordinary.

What big band did Frank Sinatra sing with?

Revered by many as the most popular entertainer in history, Frank Sinatra kicked off his career as a big band singer in the 1930s with the Tommy Dorsey and Harry James bands.

Did Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey get along?

But they couldn’t get along with each other, and in 1935, after a terrible argument that caused Tommy to walk out, the Dorsey Brothers Band broke up. Kaminsky said in his book, “When they had their own Dorsey Brothers orchestra they fought around the clock.

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Did Frank Sinatra sing with the Tommy Dorsey band?

According to Kaplan, Dolly also ran an illegal abortion service that earned her the nickname “Hatpin Dolly”. Her reputation as an abortionist led one area church to ban her son from singing there.

Who got Sinatra out of his contract?

Finally, in 1939, Sinatra signed a recording contract with band leader Tommy Dorsey. However, by the early 1940s, Sinatra had achieved national popularity and wanted to sign a more lucrative recording contract, but Dorsey refused to release him from their existing contract.

Who made the song I’ll Never Smile Again?

3. Following the death of her first husband, Ruth Lowe wrote the popular song I’ll Never Smile Again to express her sorrow.

How old was Frank Sinatra when he died 82?

He was 82 years old and had, at last, faced his final curtain.

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