Readers ask: Which Composer Did Mendelssohn Hire To Perform Concerts With The Gewandhaus Orchestra In Leipzig?

Which eighteenth century composers did Mendelssohn reintroduce to the public during his years as conductor of Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra?

Idolized from the beginning of the 1835-36 concert season, Mendelssohn the conductor displayed an indefatigable passion in his quest for musical perfection, and established a broadened orchestral repertory that ultimately developed into the musical canon that continues to be the underpinning of concert life today; his

Who was the conductor at the Conservatory of Leipzig?

German composer Felix Mendelssohn made his public debut in Berlin at just 9 years old. In 1819, he joined the Singakademie music academy and began composing non-stop. At Singakademie, he also became a conductor, but continued to compose prolifically. Mendelssohn founded the Leipzig Conservatory of Music in 1843.

What two composers joined Mendelssohn at his conservatory as musicians?

In 1811, during the French occupation of Hamburg, the family had moved to Berlin, where Mendelssohn studied the piano with Ludwig Berger and composition with Carl Friedrich Zelter, who, as a composer and teacher, exerted an enormous influence on his development.

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What does Gewandhaus mean in German?

The Gewandhaus is a world famous concert hall in Leipzig, Germany. The name “Gewandhaus” means a building where cloth is traded. Originally merchants used to sell their cloth there. The first Gewandhaus was built in 1781 by the architect Johann Carl Friedrich Dauthe.

What killed Mendelssohn?

Composer and director of music at Leipzig’s Gewandhaus Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy died remarkably young, on 4 November 1847, at the age of 38. The cause of his early death has been a mystery ever since. Three contemporary doctors diagnosed Nervenschlag (“nervous stroke”).

Did Beethoven know Mendelssohn?

Born into a wealthy banking family, the grandson of the great German Jewish Enlightenment philosopher, Moses Mendelssohn, Felix (later baptized Jacob Ludwig Felix) showed an early aptitude for music. Mendelssohn was encouraged to follow Bach and Mozart, but not Beethoven.

Who influenced Felix Mendelssohn?

Early works The young Mendelssohn was greatly influenced in his childhood by the music of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, traces of whom can be seen in the 12 early string symphonies, which were mainly written for performance in the Mendelssohn household and not published or publicly performed until long after his death.

Who married Felix Mendelssohn?

The same year at Frankfurt he met C├ęcile Jeanrenaud, the daughter of a French Protestant clergyman. Though she was 10 years younger than himself, that is to say, no more than 16, they became engaged and were married on March 28, 1837.

Where is Mendelssohn buried?

Hildebrandt and A. Dircks, artists. Performing Arts Reading Room, Library of Congress. Felix Mendelssohn, born in Hamburg, Germany on February 3, 1809, lived through an era of significant transition for both German society and for Western music.

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What religion was Mendelssohn?

Despite the fact that Mendelssohn, who was born Jewish, had been baptized as a Lutheran at age 7, most post-war scholars had described him as being very attached to his Jewish heritage, and that his views never changed over the course of his life.

What was the name of the brilliant overture that Felix Mendelssohn wrote when he was seventeen years old?

Mendelssohn began to write music of great power and brilliance while he was still in his middle teens; the First Symphony and the celebrated Octet are testaments to his genius. When he was seventeen, however, he wrote one work that could well be described as being perfect: the Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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