Readers ask: What Was The Orchestra Assigned To Do At Nathaniel First Year At Juilliard?

What instrument does Nathaniel Ayers play?

Nathaniel Ayers plays the violin in downtown Los Angeles in 2008. I have been a transporter and caretaker of various musical instruments for nearly 13 years. A clarinet and an electric keyboard sit in corners of my office.

When did Nathaniel Ayers attend Juilliard?

Column: A homeless musician changed my life. I wish I could do more to change his. TOGETHER: Nathaniel Anthony Ayers and Yo-Yo Ma, who attended Juilliard at the same time, chat at Walt Disney Concert Hall. When we met, in 2005, I wouldn’t have guessed we’d still be in each other’s lives this far down the road.

Does Juilliard have an orchestra?

The Juilliard Orchestra, Juilliard’s largest and most visible performing ensemble, is comprised of all orchestral instrumental majors in the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. David Robertson, director of conducting studies, distinguished visiting faculty, leads an annual concert with the Juilliard Orchestra.

Why did Nathaniel leave Juilliard?

Lopez met Ayers four years ago, when Ayers was a homeless musician on Skid Row in Los Angeles. Lopez learned Ayers had been a promising violinist, and that he had left the prestigious music program at the Juilliard School because of his struggle with mental illness.

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What has happened to Nathaniel Ayers?

Ayers no longer lives on the street and is currently living at a facility in LA where he is safe, has access to doctors, therapy and can often be found playing one of several instruments.

What mental illness does Nathaniel have in the soloist?

‘The Soloist’: Living With Mental Illness On Skid Row The Soloist tells the story of Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless cellist who has schizophrenia.

How did Steve Lopez end up in the hospital?

How did Steve Lopez end up in hospital? Steve was riding his bike and fell off. Steve had a car accident.

Where was Nathaniel Ayers born?

A famous school in New York City, The Juilliard School also boasts an extremely low acceptance rate, beating out a majority of the Ivy League Schools. Accepting only 6% of 2,500 applications, it is tougher to get into than Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania.

How hard is it to get into Juilliard?

Admission to Juilliard is highly competitive, with an overall acceptance rate between five and eight percent.

Is it worth going to Juilliard?

The school has extremely rigorous training in whatever field you may be entering in the arts, but it is very rewarding and builds your skills so much as a performer. Juilliard is a difficult place to study and an extremely rewarding one at the same time.

How true is The Soloist?

“The Soloist,” based on a true story, tells how Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez, played by Robert Downey Jr., discovered the homeless Ayers and helped the former music prodigy, who has schizophrenia. The movie comes out Friday.

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How accurate is The Soloist?

It’s a true story, but sugar-coated. To its credit, The Soloist is a far cry from the traditional movie portrayal of schizophrenics as murderous people with “split personalities.” Mr. Ayers (played by Jamie Foxx ) is a gifted music student at the Juilliard School when he falls ill.

Who wrote The Soloist?

Steve Lopez

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