Quick Answer: Who In Andre Rieu Orchestra Has Had A Heart Attack?

Who has died from André Rieu Orchestra?

Ruud Merx, trombonist with André Rieu’s Johann Strauss Orchestra, has died after suffering a heart attack during the orchestra’s UK tour. Merx, who had been with the orchestra for over 20 years, was in a coma after the initial attack last week, but died on December 22nd.

Did André Rieu have a heart attack?

Andre and his 60 piece Johann Strauss Orchestra should have played the Hydro on December 23. But the violinist and conductor has released a statement saying a musician, who has been with the Orchestra for more than 20 years, suffered a severe heart attack on Saturday.

What happened to the lady drummer from André Rieu Orchestra?

Dutch trombonist Ruud Merx has died this morning, aged just 47, following a massive heart attack on Saturday morning – whilst on tour in the UK with the ‘Andre Rieu Live’ arena show.

Is Lin Jong still in the André Rieu Orchestra?

Long serving Johann Strauss Orchestra member, Dutch trombonist Ruud Merx, 47, went into cardiac arrest on Saturday morning and has been unresponsive since, a spokesperson for the production company has told The Violin Channel. Ruud’s wife, violinist Alina-Lin Jong is also a member of the Rieu ensemble.

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How many people are in André Rieu orchestra?

The orchestra began with only twelve members, but now there are 50, sometimes even 60 on very large stages.

Is André Rieu sick?

9. André Rieu, a medical marvel. Since he started performing on stage more than 30 years ago until 2016, André never got ill.

Are any of André Rieu Orchestra married to each other?

Ruud Merx and Alina Lin Jong from Andre Rieu’s Johann strauss Orchestra. come together for life. When Lin and Ruud, were married, their wedding was a large musical celebration. The following is a short interview I have with Ruud and Lin at their home.

What happened to André Rieu in 2010?

Rieu, 62, had never taken a day off for illness and even claims to be impervious to jet-lag. But in 2010 he was struck down by a viral infection in his inner ear, which left him unable to stand without feeling overwhelmed by dizziness and nausea. ‘It happened at night.

What height is Andre Rieu?

André plays an iconic Stradivarius violin worth several million euros, which he keeps with him at all times.

Who are the female singers with André Rieu?

Carla Maffioletti has impressed large audiences with a unique vocal range and her powerful super high notes. She’s constantly staring in opera productions of European Theaters, and featured alongside André Rieu all over the world.

Who is the bagpipes player in André Rieu Orchestra?

You have to look carefully to see who is on that cross trainer. Logical, because we always see Manoe Konings (56) in a light blue Sissi dress and with a clarinet in her hands. You know, she is the one who knocks back a glass of champagne in every André Rieu show.

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Who are the musicians in Andre Rieu’s orchestra?

As a result, Rieu became known as the modern “Waltz King”, a title originally bestowed upon Johann Strauss II. The orchestra has performed regularly with guest musicians and singers such as Carla Maffioletti, Mirusia Louwerse, Carmen Monarcha and the Platin Tenors.

Who is the pianist with Andre Rieu?

André Rieu Pianist Stéphanie Detry.

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