Quick Answer: Trans Siberian Orchestra What To Wear?

How do you audition for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

Contact the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at [email protected] and inquire about an audition. Practice, practice, practice. The TSO is prestigious and accepts only the most technical musicians. Play along with their albums until you feel confident you would fit in musically with the band.

Is there more than one Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

Per usual, there will be two touring iterations of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which allows for shows in multiple cities on the same day, oftentimes with two performances each day.

Is Trans-Siberian Orchestra touring in 2021?

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Announce Massive 2021 Winter Tour Dates. 17 with performances in Green Bay and Council Bluffs, with plans to hit 59 cities with 99 performances before wrapping their annual touring on Dec. 30 in Cleveland and St. Louis.

How long is a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert?

Trans-Siberian Orchestra concerts typically last 2.75 hours.

What Tso means?

A Technical Standard Order (TSO) is a minimum performance standard issued by the United States Federal Aviation Administration for specified materials, parts, processes, and appliances used on civil aircraft.

How do I stream TSO on my TV?

How can I watch TSO On Demand performances on my TV? You can enhance your TSO On Demand experience by streaming the performance to a TV via Chromecast, Apple TV, AirPlay, and Amazon Fire TV. Audiences can also directly connect a personal computer to a TV using an HDMI or other cable.

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