Quick Answer: How To Mic A Live Orchestra?

Which type of microphone is more suitable for recording an orchestra?

but in general you are looking to use condenser microphones. They are sensitive enough that at high gain they pick up everything. just make sure they are positioned away from noisy people. another way is to use omnidirectional condenser microphones of the small diaphragm variety.

What microphones do orchestras use?

In orchestral recordings, the main microphone is the so called Decca Tree, which is positionated a few meters over the conductor pointing towards the orchestra. The signal from these microphones is also the one that is used as fundament in the mix.

How many microphones do you need to record an orchestra?

It could be as few as five or six mics or up to as many as 18 or 20.

Are there microphones in orchestra?

Miking instrument sections A wide use of support microphones supplemented with relevant spot microphones for soloists will give total control of the orchestra, while a more modest number of support microphones can give the room information a higher priority in the recording.

What is Ortf mic placement?

ORTF Mic Placement ORTF stands for Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française. As a near-coincident pair, the mic capsules are spaced 17 cm (~7 inches) apart and pointed outwards at a 110° angle.

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How is classical music recorded?

Contemporary and classical music rely on the same basic fundamentals to bring the music to life—from the use of microphones and an audio interface/recording device to record the musical performance, the need for a mixer or a DAW to achieve the proper mix balance of the sound sources, all the way to the goal of

How do you mic a percussion section?

Place the mike in front of the drum between 6″ to a foot away to start. You can work with the distance while playing, leaning closer in for emphasis and backing off for less level. If you want more attack sound, angle the mike toward the center of the head.

How do you mic a concert band?

Use two microphones on a bar on one stand, or two stands about 4 feet apart. Set the microphones about 15 feet high and 12-15 feet in front of the ensemble. Plug the left microphone (when facing the ensemble) into the left of the recorder. Check levels using the loudest passage of the piece.

What type of polar pattern microphone is used for recording an orchestra?

If you want to record an orchestra that has a chorus behind it, the omnidirectional microphone would be quite suitable in this type of situation. However, the omnidirectional polar pattern, although it may seem the best option for any case, has its drawbacks, since it can pick up unwanted noise or instruments.

How do you set up a Decca Tree?

A Decca Tree setup uses three omnidirectional microphones arranged in a “T” pattern outlining a triangle, often equilateral; the center microphone is mixed with the two spaced microphones to fill the “hole in the middle” in their imaging; it points the sound source.

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