Question: How Long Is The Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas Show?

How long is the TSO Christmas show?

Join us for your favorite rock holiday tradition this season as Trans-Siberian Orchestra brings an electrifying 90-minute performance of its beloved album, “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” directly into your home.

How long is the TSO live concert?

Join us on Friday, December 18th at 8 PM EST for an intimate 90-minute performance of this beloved album. Tickets for this virtual event are on-sale now on

Is Trans-Siberian Orchestra touring in 2021?

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Announce Massive 2021 Winter Tour Dates. 17 with performances in Green Bay and Council Bluffs, with plans to hit 59 cities with 99 performances before wrapping their annual touring on Dec. 30 in Cleveland and St. Louis.

Is Trans-Siberian Orchestra still touring?

Dear TSO Fans, After a long year off the road, we mean it when we say we’ve missed you. And that’s why we’re psyched to say we’re BACK and coming to see YOU live and in person as we celebrate 25 years of Trans-Siberian Orchestra with the show, Christmas Eve and Other Stories.

Can I watch TSO livestream on my TV?

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” Livestream Event can only be streamed from There are a few ways, however, to connect your computer or device to your TV so you can watch this unique livestream performance on the big screen!

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Can I watch TSO live stream on my TV?

How can I watch TSO On Demand performances on my TV? You can enhance your TSO On Demand experience by streaming the performance to a TV via Chromecast, Apple TV, AirPlay, and Amazon Fire TV. Audiences can also directly connect a personal computer to a TV using an HDMI or other cable. Find instructions here.

How much are TSO livestream tickets?

The ticket costs $30 and also includes access to a pre-show with behind-the-scenes footage and classic interview segments.

How do I get TSO live stream?

TSO Live Streams are available for purchase at TSO.CA/LiveStreams. Patrons must have an existing TSO account, or create a new account, to purchase passes and access the performances.

How can I become a TSO officer?

To become a transportation security officer, you need to have a high school diploma or GED certificate, and at least one year of experience working as a security officer or an x-ray technician. Transportation security officers are required to be U.S. citizens as well.

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