Often asked: Which Type, Or Genre, Of Music Has The Orchestra Traditionally Played More Than Any Other?

Which instruments are traditionally placed in front of the orchestra?

And when a classical orchestra gathers on stage, the strings are at the front, followed by woodwinds, brass, and then percussion.

What is the primary benefit of digital music?

What is the primary benefit of digital music? In what way does it fall short of a “live” musical performance? It can be enjoyed by almost anyone, anywhere, any time. The quality of sound is not as good as a live musical performance.

What was the primary idea about music developed by the philosophers and musicians of ancient Greece and Rome that Renaissance composers found particularly influential?

The primary idea about music developed by the philosophers and musicians of ancient Greece and Rome that Renaissance composers found particularly influential was that music soothed the soul.

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What technological invention appeared around 1460 that had a revolutionary impact on the transmission of information?

Johann Gutenberg’s invention of movable-type printing quickened the spread of knowledge, discoveries, and literacy in Renaissance Europe. The printing revolution also contributed mightily to the Protestant Reformation that split apart the Catholic Church.

Why is there no piano in an orchestra?

The truth is that the piano, in its role of a domestic instrument so enticingly capable of chordal and contrapuntal and melodic effects, is not a suitable companion for the orchestra at all.

Which instrument is most common in an orchestra?

Violins, violas, cellos, double basses and harps all make an appearance. Violins are the most popular and most needed instrument of the group, usually employing one group to play the melody, and a second group to play the accompaniment.

What is the difference between analog and digital recording?

When we capture that sound in a way that represents all the possible frequencies, we’re recording in analog; when we use computers to translate the sound into a series of numbers that approximate what we’re hearing, we’re recording in digital.

What are the disadvantages of using digital audio?


  • Computers crash!
  • Data can become corrupted.
  • Some listeners feel early stuff sounds ‘colder’ or sterile.
  • Some believe ease is prioritized over quality.

What are some advantages and disadvantages limitations of audio?

Audio files have several advantages for the delivery of distance learning courses. Audio files are also easy to create, easy to duplicate, and easy to use. Disadvantages of audio files include the fact that they are not interactive, and they do not provide the visual elements that many students desire.

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Who are the 3 famous composers of the classical period?

The three composers that consistently appear in the top spots are Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart. Scholars and fans vary on the rest, but those listed below are often regarded as some of the most significant.

Who was the first musician?

The first musician in the Bible was Jubal, the son of Lamech. In Genesis 4:21, he is described as ‘the father of all who play stringed instruments and

Who is the oldest classical composer?

Bach and Gluck are often considered founders of the Classical style. The first great master of the style was the composer Joseph Haydn. In the late 1750s he began composing symphonies, and by 1761 he had composed a triptych (Morning, Noon, and Evening) solidly in the contemporary mode.

Why is absolute music different from program music?

Program music – music that has an extra-musical idea to go along with it. It might be a story, an idea, a picture, or a text. Absolute music – music that has NO extra-musical idea to go along with it. It is music for its own sake, with the composer giving you NO hint as to what it might be depicting.

Which best defines the term word painting?

Identify the correct definition for “word painting.” the process of depicting the text in music, be it subtly, overtly, or even jokingly, by means of expressive musical devices (the musical reflection of the text).

Can be defined as the rational organization of sounds and silences passing through time?

Rhythm is the arrangement of sounds and silences in time.

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