Often asked: How Long Is Trans Siberian Orchestra?

How long has Trans-Siberian Orchestra been around?

Since it began touring in 1999, the band has sold more than 11 million tickets, grossing roughly $500 million from concert sales. Many fans are repeat customers during the holiday season: People who have seen the show before comprise roughly 50% of TSO’s audience, says Mr.

How much does Trans-Siberian Orchestra make a year?

1-30, grossing $46.8 million and selling 706,000 tickets according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore. The $66.8 million haul makes 2019 a record year for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, marking the biggest gross of its 20-year touring career.

Is the whole Siberian Orchestra Trans?

The album revived Savatage’s career, recasting the band as a trailblazing progressive metal group. Just as significantly, it cemented a creative partnership between O’Neill and Jon Oliva that has remained a cornerstone of Trans-Siberian Orchestra to this day.

How long is the Trans-Siberian virtual concert?

The orchestra will deliver a 90-minute virtual performance, “Christmas Eve and Other Stories Live In Concert,” on Dec. 18 at 8 p.m. EST, according to the TSO website.

Why did Jennifer Cella leave TSO?

“ I stopped touring because I wanted to start a family but was involved in the TSO studio recordings for many years with songs on the Night Castle and Letters from the Labyrinth albums. Both reached the Billboard Top 10.”

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Does TSO have 2 bands?

First off, the tour consists of two bands, Saltzman said. TSO was originally a single band that was split in two because of high demand for shows during a relatively short period of time. One band takes on the East Coast as another takes on the West Coast, but they play virtually identical shows.

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