FAQ: What Rock Band Is Trans Siberian Orchestra Manowar?

Is Trans-Siberian Orchestra symphonic metal?

The bigger surprise is that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (well, orchestras) plays symphonic rock — a genre that has not been popular since the 1970s — under the direction of some former members of a heavy-metal band with more than a touch of Spinal Tap.

Are there two Trans-Siberian Orchestra bands?

The special will bring together TSO’s two touring groups, the East and West bands, for the first time since the two started touring separately in 2000.

Did Trans-Siberian Orchestra play with Metallica?

The Tech: There have been reports from some radio stations that Savatage and Metallica have worked with the Orchestra in the past. Robert Kinkel: No, not Metallica. But Al Petrelli, who’s been taking up the West Coast Tour this season was in Megadeth for a while and also Alice Cooper.

Who died from TSO?

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is taking a step forward this year by taking a step back. The band, which was founded in 1996, suffered a crushing loss in 2017, when founder and leader Paul O’Neill died of an accidental drug overdose in Tampa, Florida.

Did Metallica ever do Carol of the Bells?

In celebration of the Christmas season the famous Youtube song masher has combined Metallica For Whom The Bell Tolls with the classic holiday song Carol of the Bells to create Time Marches On For Carol The Bell Tolls.

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