FAQ: What Is It Like To Be In The Army Orchestra?

Do Army musicians see combat?

Although military musicians rarely see active combat, on some occasions they may be deployed to conflict zones—and all are required to complete basic combat training regardless.

Do military musicians go through basic training?

All Soldiers must go to basic training. Musicians also attend Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at the Army School of Music which is a 10 week course in Virginia Beach, VA. Most Reserve and National Guard musicians opt to go to basic training and AIT during two separate summers.

How much do military musicians get paid?

A musician who wins an audition with one of the premier bands enters the service at the military pay grade of E6, which, when benefits and housing allowances are factored in, amounts to around $56,000 — with built-in annual raises.

Do Army musicians live on base?

Although most members of The Air Force Band live off base, a limited supply of on-base housing is available. (Availability varies, and in most cases, you must sign up on a waiting list for housing.)

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Is it hard to get into a military band?

Although admission into any military band requires an audition, outside of the premier bands, the playing ability can vary dramatically from musician to musician, leaving some players musically unsatisfied. She says, “Military bands offer you a life experience unlike any other civilian music job.

Can you play music in the army?

To push music through “conservative and discrete” earpieces, Soldiers are also permitted to “wear electronic devices, such as music players or cell phones” on their waistband, in accordance with AR 670-1. That regulation says the color of the carrying case for such a device must be black.

Which military branch has best band?

The Army employs the most bands at 99; followed by the Air Force at 14. The Marine Corps employs 12 bands; the Navy 11.

Do Navy musicians go to Boot Camp?

Upon completion of initial 7–9 week training at Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, (known as Boot Camp), those pursuing a Musician role report to the Armed Forces School of Music in Little Creek, VA, where they receive formal Navy training at “A” School for 21 weeks.

What is a military band called?

The United States’ military bugle bands are also the precursors of the modern-day civil drum and bugle corps and the only one in active service today is that of the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps “The Commandant’s Own”.

Why does the military have musicians?

During the Civil War, both the Union and Confederacy Armies had military musicians to build morale, help to announce position of troops, as well as provide rallying cries in battle. Revolutionary War musicians, primarily drum and fife majors, were important in many military battles.

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How do you audition for the president’s own?

Auditions for “The President’s Own” occur only in anticipation of projected vacancies and are announced through the organizational website, social media, newsletter, and by direct email to college band directors and instrumental music instructors.

Does the military have an orchestra?

The U.S. Army Strings, a premier ensemble of the U.S. Armed Forces, provide a musical backdrop for many of the country’s most notable events. This versatile ensemble performs as The U.S. Army Strolling Strings, in mixed chamber ensembles, and as The U.S. Army Orchestra.

How do I join the US military band?


  1. HOW TO JOIN U.S. Army Bands.
  3. Submit a recording and a performance resume.
  4. Contact your local Army Recruiter.
  5. Schedule the time and location of your audition.
  6. Complete your audition and await your results.

Are the president’s own real Marines?

The Marine Band has been uniquely known as “The President’s Own” since 1801 due to the historic connection to the President of the United States. The relationship between the Marine Band and the White House began on New Year’s Day 1801, when President John Adams invited the band to perform at the Executive Mansion.

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